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Milliamp Technologies - Real World Embedded Designs

Milliamp Technologies Limited is an independent Engineering Design Consultancy that offers Electronics Design and Embedded Software Development Services primarily focussed on helping our customers create functional prototypes of new Consumer, Industrial and Instrumentation Electronics Products. From Low Cost Intelligent Internet Appliances to Precision Laboratory Equipment, we can help realise your design ideas.

Based at the foot of the Lake District in Lancaster, North West England, we can help you create Innovative Embedded Products, no matter how big or small the undertaking. We understand that the success of any great product starts with a great design, and our focus is to provide Electronics Design and Embedded Software Development Services to get you from concept to a fully functional prototype so you can test your planned Embedded Product in the real world. We can also provide ad-hoc Consultancy Services for any ongoing development that needs design support and assistance. Whatever the question, we are always happy to lend a helping hand - we can also offer initial no-obligation free advice ! Just ask!

A Complete Prototyping Solution

Our engineers have a wide range of experience and expertise that covers the complete hardware, software and mechanical development of a representative Product Prototype. This includes full feasibility analysis, component selection, circuit design, mechanical assembly design and complete development of any embedded software contained in the product using a variety of programming languages such as ANSI C/C++ and Assembler. We can also draw on the expertise of our Industry Partners where required to provide a complete prototyping solution to our customers.

We usually focus on the design of products to be used in consumer, industrial, and instrumentation market sectors, however we also have experience in other areas such as defence and medical, including regulatory design requirements.

Manufacture and Beyond

Through our Industry Partners we can provide Managed Low-Volume Manufacturing and Assembly Services. This may also include development if production test and programming fixtures if desired. This allows us to turn a working prototype design into a "first-off" production quality product, manufactured in minimal timescales with no fuss.

We can also assist with regulatory approvals and are specialists in the area of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) compliance to the EU EMC Directive and similar worldwide standards.

Embedded Open Source and Linux

As experts in the continually emerging market of embedded products based on Open Source and Embedded Linux technology, we can help you integrate these technologies, including creating custom hardware drivers, software and board support packages. This allows you to create a robust software solution in minimal timescales taking advantage of wide range of publicly available Open Source tools, samples and libraries. We can also provide useful guidance on the legal use and disclosure of Open Source in commercial products to avoid any nasty legal surprises. Take a look at our Design Services for more information.

Want to Know More ?

If you think we are the design partner for you and would like to explore working with us further or just ask a quick question, get in touch.